“Savior” LP + “Another Nightmare” 7” Test Pressing

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“Savior” LP + “Another Nightmare” 7” Test Pressing

Note: these are in hand and shipping on February 7th.

The long-awaited reissue of "Savior" on our very own Cercle Social Records is right around the corner. Our fourth studio album, most of which was written at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA while my son Dominick fought for his life in the NICU. Our darkest and heaviest record to date.

Thirteen songs we're written and recorded by Ben Greenberg for the album with only ten able to fit on the LP. The US CD version featured a bonus track "Cannibal" while the limited to 500 Japanese CD version featured "A Plan to Suffer" and "Another Nightmare", neither of which have been available digitally or on any other format. Aside from the demo versions we released on cassette these songs have not been heard by most people.

To celebrate this reissue we did a limited 7" version of those Japanese-only b-sides and paired the test pressing versions of both together, limited to 20 copies.

The regular versions of both releases will be available sometime in the coming months. Stay tuned.

"Savior" LP Track Listing:

1. Swaddle
2. Trying Not To Die
3. Bunny Room
4. Savior
5. Missing
6. Changing Days
7. Dancing On Glass
8. Cry Now Cry Later
9. Do You Feel Nothing?
10. Hard Candy

"Another Nightmare" 7" Track Listing:
1. A Plan To Suffer
2. Another Nightmare

Hand made and assembled by Tobias Grave. Numbered out of 20.