"Escape Forever" LP (2nd Pressing Gold Vinyl)

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"Escape Forever" LP (2nd Pressing Gold Vinyl)

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1. Cousin
2. I Wish You'd Go
3. Love, Sosa
4. Joy is a Crime
5. Over East Radio
6. Come Hang From The Roof Tops
7. My Section
8. Kia Boys Don't Cry
9. Please Hold
10. Fools
11. Englewood
12. Ready To Die
13. Escape Forever

All songs by Tobias Grave & Nicole Colbath.
Drums by Zachary Miller.
Mixed by Philip Odom and mastered by Will Yip.

The deluxe packaging includes a 24pt wide-spine sleeve, obi sticker, 16 page booklet and 33" x 22.75" fold out newsprint poster, hand-assembled by us in Chicago, IL.

Vinyl manufactured at the legendary Cascade Record Pressing.

2nd Pressing of 500 copies on gold vinyl

This is CSR050.