Preorder Info


E-mail is currently CLOSED. Once we are up to date on record orders we will get in there and deal with any order issues. 

We will be listing all active preorders on this page with where they are at in production. 

Preorder means they are still actively for sale.

Production means they are being made.

Shipping means we've received the item and are getting them out.

Shipped means all outstanding orders of said item have been dispatched.

If there is a unique situation outside of these, it'll be listed with more detail.

Please only contact us directly if there has been a problem with your order. E-mailing us does not speed up the manufacturing or shipment of an item. We appreciate your support and patience.


VERY IMPORTANT: we pre-print most of all our postage. Due to quantities being so high, it's easier for us to have as much of the process prepared in advance so we can pack efficiently. 

AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND: opening a case on Paypal will not get you your order faster. You will be refunded, period. We're a small business with no intention of sitting on people's orders, so when your stuff arrives it goes out. We appreciate your patience and value your support and can only hope that goes hand in hand with understanding the current climate of running an operation of this size and what we deal with on a daily basis regarding stock, shipping delays, etc. 

Updated: 2/26/2021:

Records -

Our friends at Cascade Record Pressing have been hit with a couple hurdles and are working tirelessly to get our job done. In addition to limited staffing due to Covid, the shipment of what they use to press these records has been floating in space for a month with no guaranteed delivery date. 

Currently we have all the first pressing variants and are working diligently to get them all shipped. Around 80% of each color has gone out so if you're still waiting, you should have your copy soon.

The ONLY SECOND PRESSING variant we have in hand is the lemon-lime splatter which has begun shipping.

The remaining variants of the SECOND PRESSING are waiting on a shipment of clear compound before they can be pressed. It should be there "any day" according to Cascade.

To reiterate...

"Dead Kids" 2xLP -all first press editions are currently shipping. The lemon-lime splatter variant from the second pressing is currently shipping. We are still waiting for the rose garden w/ board game, the blood simple and the black tar to be finished by the plant.

If you haven't received one of the above, we are likely waiting for the remainder of your order. 

Also, the third pressing on black vinyl was run by Cascade because they had a window to do so. It was never our intention to have those out in the world before the rest of these but just another thing to add to this strange year.



All shirts from the last drop will be in hand this week.


Everything else should be shipped and up to date. E-mail us if there is an issue with something you aren't seeing on this list and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.