Ordering FAQ


Soft Kill is a fully independent entity with no staff. One person does the majority of mailorder and while we strive to be as fast as possible, your patience is appreciated.

Hopefully these FAQ's cover everything.

For items that are preorders, a detailed list of their statuses is available on this same drop down menu.


We try to keep our shipping as low as possible and often eat some portion of the packaging costs as well. 

If you are in a state that has sales tax, it'll be automatically calculated at checkout.


All sales are final unless we send you the wrong item. Yes, mistakes happen even here in paradise but we will make it right. Just reach out via [email protected].


We package all items efficiently and are not responsible for USPS being ruthless. That being said, we treat these situations on a case by case basis and if we can fix it we will do our best. Reach out.


We get asked this one A LOT. There's a few reasons why we stopped shipping to Canada, Europe, etc.

Long story short, just because our shipping service says a package costs X amount of dollars to send to Germany, once it's delivered any outstanding costs determined by your local post office get charged to us. That cost can vary anywhere from $5-$40 each time. Unfortunately we are just too small of a business to eat what that accumulates to over time.

We also noticed an increased number of packages getting lost or damaged once they left USPS hands. Correcting those issues is incredibly expensive and once again something we can;t afford to take on the chin.

Because we deeply love and appreciate our international fanbase, we've worked hard to make our stuff accessible to you all. 

For Europe: Deathwish Europe, Evil Greed and others carry SK records and merch.

For Canada: Profound Lore has copies of our newest release but we are working on an appropriate distributor for that region.

All other terrotories are able to order through our distributors: Cobraside and Midheaven / Revolver.


Our stuff is available via Cobraside and Midheaven / Revolver. If you're interested in putting together a wholesale order direct or looking for something not listed on their sites, reach out directly at [email protected].