“Canary Yellow” LP

“Canary Yellow” LP

Now shipping.
We are excited to present to you our sixth studio album, "Canary Yellow", produced and mixed by Rob Schnapf.

1. Joey
2. Cracked Candles
3. Magic Garden
4. Rocks & Blows
5. Dibs
6. The Line (feat. Ruth Radelet)
7. Congratulations Text
8. Cicero
9. Domino
10. Lake Shore Drive

Instead of hiring a publicist or paying for promotion we have decided to handle the release of this album totally independent and removed from the standard music industry model. This is 100% funded and assembled in house by Soft Kill.

This deluxe first pressing features a 24pt jacket, printed & foil stamped inner sleeve with a two-sided insert on a myriad of color vinyl variants exclusive to this edition.

20 - Test Pressings w/ Special Sleeve

50 - Orange Vinyl w/ Welcome Sleeve

96 - Black Vinyl w/ Chicago Sleeve
96 - Black Vinyl w/ New York Sleeve
96 - Black Vinyl w/ Atlanta Sleeve
96 - Black Vinyl w/ Halloween Sleeve
96 - Black Vinyl w/ Texas Sleeve

100 - Pink
100 - White
100 - Red
100 - Baby Blue
100 - Green
250 - Purple
250 - Gray
450 - Orange (Retail Exclusive)
500 - Baby Blue w/ Red Splatter

As always, manufactured locally at Cascade Record Pressing.

While this is a preorder with a release date of 10/31/22, we submitted this order and already have most of the variants in hand to avoid delays on shipping normally associated with vinyl projects in modern times. We will be shipping as many of these early as possible as a thank you for supporting our band. As a small ask, if you receive your copy before the release date, do not rip the audio and put it on YouTube or we will do dramatic, unnecessary things.

Also, vinyl costs have risen dramatically so prices have too. This was sadly unavoidable.

European customers: copies will be available over there shortly.