"Changing Days" Benefit T-Shirt

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"Changing Days" Benefit T-Shirt

Members of Soft Kill have partnered with a couple other like-minded individuals to launch Track Stars, a non-profit committed to providing direct action aid and harm reduction resources to the sex workers and addicts of 82nd Avenue here in Portland, Oregon.

The main pillar of Track Stars is direct action, the formation of relationships within the community and providing stepping stones towards detox and treatment if and when ready. We've built up connections with several nonprofits dedicated to this as well as resources to help in the immediate. Having an advocate in your corner who can help you navigate these seemingly impossible hurdles the system puts up to access help can make all the difference. We are providing food, clothes, hotel room, hair cuts, shoes, money, connections to detox and treatment, rides and more, we are meeting the problem where it lives. We can't change their entire world but we can change the day.

Here’s your chance to “Adopt the Track”. 100% of proceeds from this shirt goes to Track Stars efforts on 82nd. We will leave this up for 72 hours and only print what's ordered.

This marks a big transition for us into making this our main focus outside of the band. You can follow Track Stars

Art by Alex Basovsky